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Travel Cambodia - Transportation

Road Roads in between main travel cities/towns, which are  Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang, Kampong Cham, Sihanoukville, are paved and in good condition. The rest are mostly red soil road which is disaster during wet season. If you want in-depth tour, get ready for the tough and bumpy road.   Urban TransportationTuk-Tuk and taxi are available for urban transportation. Traffic cong...

2nd of August
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The Best Time to Travel Cambodia

Weather & ClimateCambodia has relatively uniform altitude and latitude throughout the country. At the same time, its coastal line is short so it gets limited influence by the oceanic climate. Climate pattern across Cambodia is clear and simple. There are two distinct seasons: dry season (October to April) and wet season (May to September). The hottest period of a year in Cambodia is May and Ju...

2nd of August
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Bravo Asia's Private Tours in Laos

Airlines and VehiclesLaos airlines is the only passenger airline operating in Laos. So we don’t have too many choice in flight.  We highly recommend Mekong cruise in Laos. For private tour, car and van we use are well-maintained and with seat-belt and air conditioner.    For short-distance travel, if you want to travel by motorbikes or bikes, a skilled tour guide will be a...

2nd of August
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Laos Culture and Festivals

The traditional Lao calendar is a solar-lunar mixed. The year itself is a rocketed by solar phases while the months are divided according to lunar phases.  Festivals in Laos are largely linked to agricultural seasons or historical Buddhist holidays and the general word for festival in Lao is "BOUN." In general lao people like to party and they enjoy festivals as long as possible. So...

2nd of August
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