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A Filipino Paradise – Welcome to the Visayas

Siquijor Sunset

Sometimes referred to as the ‘cradle of the Philippines’, the Visayas are the country’s central island group (with Luzon to the north, and Mindanao to the south). Many of the Philippines’ most endearing, enjoyable and famous features are to be found here. From picture-perfect beaches, to island-hopping excursions, to world-class diving and snorkeling, the Visayas is packed with amazing, fun things...

10th of July
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Mt.Mayon – the Philippines’ Most Iconic Site


Few, if any of the sites in the Philippines are as instantly recognizable as Mt.Mayon. The image of this volcano is plastered over almost every guidebook and website which discusses the Philippines as a tourist destination. Mt. Mayon is a volcano which is renowned as one of the most symmetrical and perfectly ‘cone-shaped’ in the world. It is actually still extremely active – a fresh eruption is pr...

7th of July
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Moalboal – Cebu’s Best Beach

If seeking out great beaches is high on your priority list, it's fair to say that you're spoiled for choice in the Visayas. In Cebu's case, however, most of the best beaches tend to be on the smaller islands just off the coast of the mainisland. There is one major exception to this: Moalboal. For our money, this is the premier beach destination on the Visayas'  most populated...

6th of July
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Cebu City – The Queen City of the South

Cebu City has long been seen as both the hub of the Visayas, and the second-most important city in the entire Philippines after the capital. Manila is the only more populous place, and Cebu acts as the cultural and economic hub of the country’s central island group. It’s the busiest seaport in the Philippines, and is booming economically. In short, this is an extremely exciting time in Cebu City,...

5th of July
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