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An Introduction to Southern Thailand


There’s no doubt about it. Bangkok might be by far the most visited place in Thailand, the country might be home to tall mountain ranges and vast national parks, but one image above all else has come to define Thailand to tourists. That of a longboat – parked half on a perfect white beach, half in a crystal clear sea – with a Thai flag flying off the bow, blue skies visible behind it along with cl...

5th of June
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Ko Lanta


Ko Lanta is certainly one of the more difficult locations in southern Thailand to assess. It’s definitely not a small island – it’s over 30km long, and 6km wide – and yet it still has an unmistakable ‘small island’ feel to it. It certainly feels far less touristic, being a far cry from the hordes of visitors you’ll find in Phuket, or sometimes in Ko Phangan and Ko Phi Phi. There are central areas...

2nd of June
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Ko Phangan

Ko Phangan

There’s no doubting what the island of Ko Phangan is most famous for. The ‘Full Moon Party’ has become so internationally famous now that it’s one of the main reasons why backpackers visit southern Thailand in the first place. Unfortunately, to many people, the Full Moon Party has come to entirely represent Ko Phangan. While it’s certainly a big deal, please be aware that the Full Moon Party only...

1st of June
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Ko Phi Phi


Ko Phi Phi consists of six different islands, of which only one – Phi Phi Don – is actually inhabited. This tiny archipelago was actually relatively undiscovered until the past couple of decades, before word of its incredible natural beauty spread, and it became simply too irresistible to travelers from around the world. Ko Phi Phi was actually heavily damaged in the tragic tsunami of 2004. Its re...

31st of May
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