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Thailand Travel Cost and Money Issues

Here is a price list in Thailand for reference (by 2015):A bottle of water (500ml): US$ 0.3 A local beer at a bar/restaurants: US$ 1.5 A glass of coca cola in a restaurant: US$ 0.6 Average price of street food: US$ 1 Western decent meal at local restaurant: US$14 Thailand is a travel paradise for both backpackers and luxurious travelers. If you choose to travel as b...

2nd of August
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Thailand Travel Transporation

Road In Thailand, traffic moves on the left. Paved roads of two or four lanes wide are mostly common in connecting Thailand's major cities. Road condition is good enough to do cycling, motorcycling and self-driving tours, however, these are not recommended because of the madness of mixed traffic and local drivers who are failure to obey traffic laws.  Urban TransportationAs one of th...

2nd of August
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The Best Time to Travel Thailand

Weather & ClimateThe weather in Thailand is generally hot and humid across the country throughout the year. Its climate is controlled by two tropical monsoons of southwest (from May to October) and northeast (from November to May). For mainland of Thailand, there are three seasons, which are dry season from November to May, hot season from April to May and raining season from June to Octo...

2nd of August
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Bravo Asia Tours' Service in Vietnam

Airlines and VehiclesFor Vietnam tours, most flights we arrange are with Vietnam airlines. Unless you are eager to experience Vietnamese’ local life, we don’t recommend over-night train or buses with sleeper for your trip in Vietnam. Considering there will be no tour guide with you during this period and no English stop announcement system, it will be possible that you miss the stop to get off. Fu...

2nd of August
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