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Siquijor – The Island of Fire

Despite being located right in the middle of the island group, Siquijor is undoubtedly one of the Visayas’ biggest undiscovered gems. It sits just to the south of the Visayas’ most popular islands: Negros, Cebu and Bohol. The only way to get there is by boat, but that’s no trouble; departures leave frequently from each of its aforementioned neighbors. Upon arrival you’ll be immediately struck by t...

19th of July
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Panglao – Bohol’s Hidden Treasure


The large island of Bohol is home to some of the most famous sights in the Philippines, including the tiny tarsiers and the Chocolate Hills. It’s easily one of the most popular islands in the Visayas for tourists… but this doesn’t mean you actually have to stay there to enjoy the aforementioned experiences.Rather than picking a hotel on the main island, we’d urge you to consider residing on Pangla...

18th of July
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Bohol – Home of the Visayas’ Most Iconic Sights

Bohol Boat

Located in the south of the Visayas, not far from its popular neighbors Cebu and Negros, is Bohol. This oval island has been a hit with tourists for years now, primarily because it’s home to two of the most iconic sights in the whole Visayas island group: the tarsiers, and the Chocolate Hills. Each of these have become extremely famous for a reason: they’re unique in the Philippines, and are incre...

17th of July
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Boracay – The Visayas’ Top Beach Destination

There’s little doubt over which is the Visayas’ premier beach destination. In fact, Boracay could easily be called the most popular beach spot in the entire Philippines. Hundreds of thousands of tourists flock there each year, and this is one occasion on which the hype is entirely justified. Boracay is actually a relatively small place, measuring only 7km long. Despite this, it manages to pack a w...

14th of July
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