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Bravo Asia Tours' Service in Thailand

Airlines and VehiclesFor luxurious travelers, we arrange Thai Airways or Bangkok Airways. If you don’t want to spend too much on flight, we may choose Nok, Lion or AirAsia for you. However, the smoothness of a trip comes priority when decide which flights we use in itinerary.  Tours with train combining car or tuk-tuk are also very popular for clients who are on a budget or want authentic Tha...

2nd of August
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Thailand Travel - Visa and Passport

The Thailand VISA EXEMPTION allows tourists from 52 countries to enter without a visa. They are granted a stay of maximum 30 days but only if entering Thailand via an international airport. Travelers who enter Thailand through a land border checkpoint from neighboring countries will be granted a maximum stay of 15 days.UK, USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, Ital...

2nd of August
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Thailand Culture and Festivals

In general, Thailand is an open and friendly country with nice people. There are several travel taboos in Thailand: 1. Do not show disrespect toward the Thai Royal Family and Buddhism. 2. Do not criticize the regime and the ruling family. 3. Try not to wear pure red clothes when travel in the election year of Thailand.  For holidays and festivals, the most important ones are: New Year’s Day...

2nd of August
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Thailand Travel - Telecommunication

If you want to use your own mobile phone and have a local SIM card for lower the telecommunication cost in your international trip, please check your phone for it is locked or unlocked before this trip.  An easy way to tell what status your phone could be is the money you pay for it. If you paid $, $99 or $199 for a top model Apple, Samsung or Nokia phone, a price that low means your phone ha...

2nd of August
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