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Pattaya – Thailand’s Most Misunderstood Beach Destination

Pattaya beach

It’s a sad fact of life, in the tourism industry, that certain places get certain reputations from which they never escape. This can happen for entire countries or, more commonly, for specific towns and cities. Thailand – one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations – has at least two such places. One is Phuket, which is far more varied and peaceful than people give it credit for. The othe...

14th of August
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Swim with the Ocean’s Biggest Fish in the Philippines

Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the entire ocean. At their physical peak they can measure an enormous 9m long, and weigh a ridiculous 15 tons. They also happen to be completely harmless to humans, meaning – if you want to witness nature at its most stunning – you can safely swim alongside them. There are only a few places in the world where this is possible, and the Philippines happens to be...

11th of August
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Luzon’s Mind-Boggling Taal Volcano

The Philippines is absolutely stuffed with amazing scenery, much of it spectacular, some of it simply absurd (have you seen a photo of the Chocolate Hills?!). In the whole country, however, few places are as mind-boggling as the Taal Volcano. If we told you that there was an island, in a lake, in a volcano, in a lake, you’d probably think we were crazy. Well, welcome to the Philippines!Lake Taal i...

10th of August
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Here’s Why You Should Explore Cebu Island Properly

We’ve written before about Cebu City, and why it deserves its nickname as ‘the Queen City of the South’. It’s a popular city with ex-pats and travelers alike, but we’d wager that only a small percentage of these people bother to explore the wider island. Instead, people tend to use Cebu as a transport hub, flying into its excellent airport before heading out into the rest of the gorgeous Visayas....

9th of August
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