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Travel South Xinjiang, the Most Untouched Area of China


Xinjiang officially known as “Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region”, is the largest administrative unit within the People’s Republic of China. Xinjiang is comprised of “three mountains and two basins”,  from north to south, they are Altai Mountains, Dzungarian Basin, Tianshan Mountains, Tarim Basin and Kunlun Mountains. Tianshan Mountains form a natural line that divides Xinjiang...

30th of October
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Hong Kong Foodie Tasting Tour


By Sarah TreleavenEven as the sun sets over Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong’s streets stay full. Well past midnight, visitors can find wooden junk boats sailing across the moonlit water, streets colourfully lit by intricate neon signs, crowded night markets selling everything from knockoff sneakers to bags full of goldfish – and, of course, the warbling sounds of karaoke cutting through the fog-like h...

19th of October
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KL Pass


Enjoy entry to 17 major attractions in Kuala Lumpur with KL PASS™. Board a hop-on hop-off tour bus to get around the city with stress and more time to see the sights. In addition to these advantages, also receive discounts and special offers at over 70 dining and retail establishments.Experience Kuala Lumpur with greater value with your KL PASS™. With the KL PASS™, you can enjoy prepaid access to...

26th of August
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Bravo Asia Tours' Service in Thailand

Airlines and VehiclesFor luxurious travelers, we arrange Thai Airways or Bangkok Airways. If you don’t want to spend too much on flight, we may choose Nok, Lion or AirAsia for you. However, the smoothness of a trip comes priority when decide which flights we use in itinerary.  Tours with train combining car or tuk-tuk are also very popular for clients who are on a budget or want authentic Tha...

2nd of August
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