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Songkran – The Biggest Water Fight of Your Life!

You don’t have to spend much time in Thailand to figure out one thing: the Thai people love to have fun. They look forward to any upcoming opportunity to have a party, and if there isn’t one, then they’ll just have a party anyway! This innate desire to have fun in big groups, combined with their adherence to Buddhism, has birthed most of the significant festivals on the Thai calendar. Without a do...

25th of August
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My First Impression of Southeast Asia

The plane touched down in Noi Ban International Airport, Hanoi. I passed through immigration, grabbed my backpack, and left through the arrivals lounge. After hearing about the region for so many years, from so many people who’d visited before me, I was finally in Southeast Asia. And, logistically speaking at least, I was completely unprepared. I’d come there after a hectic few days in Hong Kong,...

25th of August
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El Nido – Palawan’s Most Popular Destination

Of all the great villages and towns in the incredible archipelago of Palawan, one consistently draws the most tourists all year round: El Nido. El Nido – meaning ‘the nest’ – sits right on the northern end of Palawan’s main island. Because of its location, it makes a great final stop on your tour of the main island, after checking out places like Puerto Princesa, Port Barton, Honda Bay and so on....

25th of August
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An Introduction to Bangkok’s Best Parks

Queen Sirikit Park

First impressions can often be misleading. Upon arriving in Bangkok, you’ll likely take a taxi to wherever you’re staying. On the way, you’ll whizz along highways past seemingly endless high-rise towers of apartments, office blocks and hotels. Overall, you’ll probably get the idea that Bangkok is a jungle of concrete and glass. The City of Angels is a bustling modern city; there’s no doubt about t...

21st of August
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