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Philippines Culture and Festivals

Dinagyang Festival (4th Sunday January)Dinagyang means "Merry Making" and its a celebration held in honor of the Santo Niño. Dinagyang is believed to be one of the BEST Festivals in the Philippines.Dinagyang is the best time to go to Iloilo!  Sinulog Festival (3rd Sunday January)Sinulog is a dance ritual in honor of the miraculous image of the Santo Niño. The name pertains to the st...

2nd of August
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Philippines Travel Cost and Money

Here is a price list in Vietnam for reference (by 2015):A bottle of water (500ml): US$ 0.5 A local beer at a bar/restaurants: US$ 1 A glass of coca cola in a restaurant: US$ 0.65 A dish of street food: US$ 3 Western decent meal at local restaurant: US$13 Philippine Peso is the official currency of Philippines. Foreign currency is only accepted at big hotels or shopp...

2nd of August
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Philippines Transportation

RoadRoad conditions in Philippines are categorized as fare to extremely poor. Only 15% roads are national, among these, less than 80% are paved road. Driving in Philippines for foreigners could be very dangerous because roads are often crowded and low quality, drivers are disciplined.  WaterWater transport plays an important role due to the archipelagic nature of the country. There are 1,300...

2nd of August
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When to Travel Philippines

Philippines has two seasons. The wet season is from June to October. The dry season is from late November to May. September and October are typhoon season in Philippines. Due to its climate of tropical rainforest, tropical savanna, and tropical monsoon and humid subtropical, high temperature and humidity and plenty of rainfall still play main roles even in the dry season of Philippine. And during...

2nd of August
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