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To many, the island of Phuket is southern Thailand. It’s by far the most popular destination in the region, and is actually the second-most visited place in the entire country after the capital, Bangkok. It’s a sizeable place (also serving as the biggest island in the country), measuring 48km long by 21km wide. This space is filled with an array of different settlements, as well as plenty of natur...

9th of June
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Did you think the only places worth checking out in Thailand’s south were the islands? Well, think again! Krabi definitely has enough going for it to make its way onto any tourist’s itinerary. Krabi province is located on the western coast of Thailand. Technically it incorporates Ko Phi Phi and Ko Lanta too, but when people discuss Krabi they’re usually talking about the mainland section. Krabi To...

8th of June
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Ko Tao


Ko Tao – located off the eastern coast of mainland Thailand – is one of the smaller islands in the south. It’s got a very big reputation, however, and this is primarily down to one thing: diving. People flock from all around the world to learn how to dive in Thailand. This island is the most popular place of all on which to learn. Some 7,000 students graduate from the diving schools here every sin...

7th of June
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Ko Samui


Ko Samui is part of the Chumphon Archipelago; a group of islands in the Gulf of Thailand, off the eastern coast of the mainland. Ko Tao and Ko Phangan are also part of the group, with Ko Phangan being right next door. They’re so close that you can see one island clearly from the other, making them extremely easy to combine into a single Thai tour.Ko Samui is the second-biggest island in Thailand,...

6th of June
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