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An Introduction to Bangkok

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There is a saying in backpacker circles: ‘all roads lead to Bangkok’. When you’re on a tour of Southeast Asia, whether you’re traveling on a budget or taking a more luxurious approach, we would completely agree. Almost all trips to Southeast Asia either begin or end in Bangkok; or at the very least, tourists make sure to pay a visit there. In this introduction to Bangkok, we’ll give an overview of...

16th of June
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Bangkok’s Best Shopping Malls


From the opulent temples, to the vibrant nightlife, there’s an absolute wealth of activities to do in Bangkok. At the top of many visitors’ to-do lists is going shopping. If you’re a fan of retail therapy, then Thailand’s City of Angels is definitely the place for you. There are so many shopping malls in Bangkok – both in the center and in the outer districts – that it’s hard to know exactly where...

15th of June
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Bangkok’s Old City


Bangkok is truly a city of contrasts. Some reports have it ranked as the ninth tallest city in the world, in terms of skyscraper numbers, and yet it’s far from simply being a high-rise metropolis. There are also dozens of fascinating historical sights there, and the majority of the most significant ones are located in Rattanakosin, better known to tourists as the old city.Here are three of the old...

15th of June
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Getting Around in Bangkok


Bangkok is a thriving, advanced modern city. As you’d expect, this also includes having a wide variety of ways in which to get around. Some are state-of-the-art, while others are a little more old-fashioned. These are the three main methods of transportation for navigating around big, bustling Bangkok.  By RoadTaxis are absolutely everywhere in Bangkok. They’re definitely the easiest and most...

14th of June
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