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Mae Hong Son Loop


When it comes to Thailand’s north, plenty of tourists pay a visit to Chiang Mai… and that’s about it. If you’re pressed for time, and that’s your only option, then we understand. If you can spare a few extra days though, you’ll find a treasure trove of delights in the mountainous north. The scenery is spectacular, the food is sumptuous, and there’s also a fascinating series of subcultures still li...

23rd of May
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Things to Do in Pai


While many of Pai’s most renowned delights are to be found in the area surrounding it, the town itself still has plenty to offer. Here are three of the most worthwhile ways to spend your time, without having to really go anywhere!  ·         Night Market  This is certainly Pai’s most famous and popular attraction. The Pai Night Market (also known a...

22nd of May
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Things to Do around Pai


While there’s plenty to keep you entertained within Pai, the real delights of a stay there are to be found in the area surrounding the actual town. It’s situated in truly glorious surroundings, and without going too far you can experience some of the best that northern Thailand has to offer.Here are some can’t-miss trips you can make, using Pai as a starting point.  ·    &...

19th of May
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An Introduction to Pai


Pai is a small town located in northwestern Thailand, which has long been a premier destination for backpackers and more moneyed travelers alike. It’s fairly close to the Burmese border, and makes a perfect next stop after Chiang Mai, sitting around three hours’ drive northwest of the Rose of the North. There are two parts to Pai’s draw: the actual town, and the area which surrounds it. ...

18th of May
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