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Cambodia Culture and Festivals

People in Cambodia are well-known for their hospitality and warmth. The Dos and Don’ts are much less than any other countries of Southeast Asia. Ask for the advices from your tour guide, if you are not sure about anything. For holidays and festivals, the most important ones in Cambodia are: The Khmer New Year (April):  It is commonly celebrated on 13th April each year although sometimes...

2nd of August
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Cambodia Telecommunication

If you want to use your own mobile phone and have a local SIM card for lower the telecommunication cost in your international trip, please check your phone for it is locked or unlocked before this trip.  An easy way to tell what status your phone could be is the money you pay for it. If you paid $, $99 or $199 for a top model Apple, Samsung or Nokia phone, a price that low means your phone ha...

2nd of August
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Cambodia Travel Cost and Money Issues

Here is a price list in Cambodia for reference (by 2015):A bottle of water (500ml): US$ 0.3 A local beer at a bar/restaurants: US$ 1 A glass of coca cola in a restaurant: US$ 0.7 Average price of street food: US$ 1Western decent meal at local restaurant: US$10 The official currency in Cambodia is the Cambodian riel, and US dollar is like the second official cur...

2nd of August
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Travel Cambodia - Transportation

Road Roads in between main travel cities/towns, which are  Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang, Kampong Cham, Sihanoukville, are paved and in good condition. The rest are mostly red soil road which is disaster during wet season. If you want in-depth tour, get ready for the tough and bumpy road.   Urban TransportationTuk-Tuk and taxi are available for urban transportation. Traffic cong...

2nd of August
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