The Best Time to Travel Cambodia

Date: 2016-08-02 19:35:17

Weather & Climate

Cambodia has relatively uniform altitude and latitude throughout the country. At the same time, its coastal line is short so it gets limited influence by the oceanic climate. Climate pattern across Cambodia is clear and simple. There are two distinct seasons: dry season (October to April) and wet season (May to September). The hottest period of a year in Cambodia is May and June which’s average temperature is above 35 degree Celsius, while the coolest period of a year is between October to December, which’s average temperature is around 26 degree Celsius far from being called cold. This could be the reason of Cambodia’s travel peak season falling upon this period.


In dry season, Cambodia is crowded and relatively high-cost. Most parts of Cambodia are reachable and the travel time on road is shorter because of good road condition.


In wet season, travel in remote corners of the country is almost impossible due to the state of the roads. Some tourism town along the sea coast will not be able to visit for the up sea level. Travel Cambodia in wet season still has advantages: low cost with high value, less crowds with enjoyable scenery trip. The Angkor ruins show its stunning side in the wet season, with moats brimming with water and solemn atmosphere.   


1.       Then when is the best time to visit Cambodia?

There is no right or wrong time to visit Cambodia. According to your personal schedule, we will arrange the proper and suitable itinerary for you.