Thailand Travel - Visa and Passport

Date: 2016-08-02 19:56:45

The Thailand VISA EXEMPTION allows tourists from 52 countries to enter without a visa. They are granted a stay of maximum 30 days but only if entering Thailand via an international airport. Travelers who enter Thailand through a land border checkpoint from neighboring countries will be granted a maximum stay of 15 days.

UK, USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Macau, Hong Kong, Laos, Vietnam will receive 30 days in both airport or land border.


Procedure to get Visa Exemption:

-            Show your confirmed return ticket proving that you are flying out of Thailand within 30 or 15 days of entry. Please note open tickets do not qualify. Traveling over land out of Thailand by train, bus, etc to Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia (including en route to Singapore), Myanmar, etc is not accepted as proof of exiting Thailand. If you do not possess a flight ticket to show you will be exiting Thailand within 30 or 15 days of entry you will be most likely to be refused entry.

-            Show proof (cheque or cash) of your funds of at least 10,000 THB per person during your stay in Thailand.

-            Hand over the Arrival/Departure card you are given to fill on plane.

-            There is no fee for Visa Exemption


For Visa On Arrival, the above procedure is also applied with additional fee of 1,000THB, two photos of passport size and the application form.


Passport must be valid for 6 moths beyond the day of arrival.