Philippines Travel Cost and Money

Date: 2016-08-02 11:13:41

Here is a price list in Vietnam for reference (by 2015):

A bottle of water (500ml): US$ 0.5
A local beer at a bar/restaurants: US$ 1
A glass of coca cola in a restaurant: US$ 0.65
A dish of street food: US$ 3
Western decent meal at local restaurant: US$13


Philippine Peso is the official currency of Philippines.

Foreign currency is only accepted at big hotels or shopping mall in big city like Metro Manila and Cebu. So you will have to exchange money at banks or shops of money changers.


ATMs can be found throughout the country, which dispense local currency. You may contact your bank for detail instructions of daily withdrawals limit and charges.


Small notes of foreign currency are not changeable in Philippines so please don’t use them to tip or shop. If you are going to bring cash to Philippines, please make sure notes are in $100 and pristine condition with no defects, or they will likely be rejected as counterfeit. Get the most recently dated notes you can as these stand the highest chance of being accepted.


Credit and debit cards can be used in many shops, hotels and decent restaurants.


As to tour cost, you may compare