Bravo Asia Tours Private Tour in Philippines

Date: 2016-08-02 12:17:43


Domestic flights are our most important transportation when we travel in Philippines. Interisland boat or shipping,unless there is no other choice,are not recommended  due to the low quality in both service and facility.

Car is another transportation we use for our clients. All Vehicles we use are well-maintained, air-conditioned and have been running for around 3 years.


Tour Guides and Drivers

All tour guides of Bravo Asia Tours are required to be well-dressed and non-smoking. You will have different tour guide in each destination in your Philippines tour. Your tour guide will meet you at airport, train station, pier or hotels holding Bravo Asia’s greeting Board with your name on it.

Our drivers are prohibited from using cell-phone, chatting or smoking when driving.


In regards to the tour guides and drivers, we can assign a new one to your satisfaction anytime.


In Philippines, recommended standard tipping is US$ 15-25/day/group for guide-chauffeur. This extra income for them is not only about making a living but also the praise on their service. On the contrary, if you are not satisfied with your tour guide or driver, let us know it; we will re-assign a new one for you appropriately and quickly.



Hygiene of food comes prior to price so we don’t arrange meal for our clients at street side booth. Meal will be arranged at restaurants including traditional Pilipino food or western foods.


Good taste and decent environment are factors of which restaurants we decide to work with.  We can arrange set meal or à la carte. If you have any specific requirements on food or you would like to throw a party, a picnic or even a sea side barbecue, we can also arrange that for you.