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Songkran – The Biggest Water Fight of Your Life!

You don’t have to spend much time in Thailand to figure out one thing: the Thai people love to have fun. They look forward to any upcoming opportunity to have a party, and if there isn’t one, then they’ll just have a party anyway! This innate desire to have fun in big groups, combined with their adherence to Buddhism, has birthed most of the significant festivals on the Thai calendar. Without a do...

25th of August
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An Introduction to Bangkok’s Best Parks

Queen Sirikit Park

First impressions can often be misleading. Upon arriving in Bangkok, you’ll likely take a taxi to wherever you’re staying. On the way, you’ll whizz along highways past seemingly endless high-rise towers of apartments, office blocks and hotels. Overall, you’ll probably get the idea that Bangkok is a jungle of concrete and glass. The City of Angels is a bustling modern city; there’s no doubt about t...

21st of August
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The Best Piece of Travel Advice I Ever Heard

It was the middle of August in Chiang Mai, and the rainy season was well and truly living up to its name. I was staying in a nice hostel, parked on a stool in the communal area downstairs, staring out into the downpour. A recently-made friend was sitting next to me. He’d been travelling for longer than me; around eight months at that point. It was the morning. I was lamenting the weather, and tryi...

18th of August
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Pattaya – Thailand’s Most Misunderstood Beach Destination

Pattaya beach

It’s a sad fact of life, in the tourism industry, that certain places get certain reputations from which they never escape. This can happen for entire countries or, more commonly, for specific towns and cities. Thailand – one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations – has at least two such places. One is Phuket, which is far more varied and peaceful than people give it credit for. The othe...

14th of August
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