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Avoiding The Crowds On A Koh Samet Trip


Imagine a beautiful island paradise, with calm blue waters, isolated beaches, and perfect temperatures. Imagine you can’t get there, except via ferry. Imagine being away from the crowds of loud tourists, imagine no one trying to sell you things, or overcharge, and not an American fast food chain in sight. This is what you’ll find on the Thai island of Koh Samet. Getting to this paradise isn’t...

19th of January
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The Peak Of Chiang Mai – Exploring Doi Suthep


If you’ve been in Chiang Mai for longer than, well, two minutes, you will have seen Doi Suthep. This towering green mountain to the west is the highest point for miles, and visible from almost everywhere in the city. It’s not simply a pretty backdrop, however: there’s a lot to explore there. You’ll want to take your time, and stop off at various points on the way to the top and elsewhere across th...

18th of December
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Can’t-Miss Experiences In Chiang Mai’s Old City


Chiang Mai is the heart of northern Thailand, and truly one of the gems of Southeast Asia. The city was founded in 1296, and history simply oozes from the place. Nowhere is this truer than in the most aged part, known as the old city. It’s the most convenient area in which to stay, both because of its unrivaled choice of accommodation and its location. It’s definitely easy to find: just look at an...

15th of December
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Bravo Asia Tours' Service in Thailand

Airlines and VehiclesFor luxurious travelers, we arrange Thai Airways or Bangkok Airways. If you don’t want to spend too much on flight, we may choose Nok, Lion or AirAsia for you. However, the smoothness of a trip comes priority when decide which flights we use in itinerary.  Tours with train combining car or tuk-tuk are also very popular for clients who are on a budget or want authentic Tha...

2nd of August
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