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Puerto Princesa – Your Entry Point to Palawan

As home to the island’s biggest airport, and its biggest sea port, Puerto Princesa is typically the main entry point for newcomers to Palawan. It’s also the capital city of the island. In truth, the city itself doesn’t represent the best of Palawan. The wider island is a quite spectacularly green place, packed with bountiful nature. Puerto Princesa, by contrast, is a dense and congested urban area...

16th of August
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Find Peace in Port Barton

‍‍There is a classic, tried-and-tested route that many travelers take when visiting Palawan. If they have a limited amount of time – say, one or two weeks – people tend to fly in to Puerto Princesa, stop off in Port Barton, then head up to El Nido. If you’re also pushed for time, this basic itinerary is highly recommended. Of those three locations, Port Barton is by far the smallest. It’s a little...

15th of August
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Swim with the Ocean’s Biggest Fish in the Philippines

Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the entire ocean. At their physical peak they can measure an enormous 9m long, and weigh a ridiculous 15 tons. They also happen to be completely harmless to humans, meaning – if you want to witness nature at its most stunning – you can safely swim alongside them. There are only a few places in the world where this is possible, and the Philippines happens to be...

11th of August
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Luzon’s Mind-Boggling Taal Volcano

The Philippines is absolutely stuffed with amazing scenery, much of it spectacular, some of it simply absurd (have you seen a photo of the Chocolate Hills?!). In the whole country, however, few places are as mind-boggling as the Taal Volcano. If we told you that there was an island, in a lake, in a volcano, in a lake, you’d probably think we were crazy. Well, welcome to the Philippines!Lake Taal i...

10th of August
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