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Laos Culture and Festivals

The traditional Lao calendar is a solar-lunar mixed. The year itself is a rocketed by solar phases while the months are divided according to lunar phases.  Festivals in Laos are largely linked to agricultural seasons or historical Buddhist holidays and the general word for festival in Lao is "BOUN." In general lao people like to party and they enjoy festivals as long as possible. So...

2nd of August
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Laos telecommunication

If you want to use your own mobile phone and have a local SIM card for lower the telecommunication cost in your international trip, please check your phone for it is locked or unlocked before this trip.  An easy way to tell what status your phone could be is the money you pay for it. If you paid $, $99 or $199 for a top model Apple, Samsung or Nokia phone, a price that low means your phone ha...

2nd of August
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Travel Laos Cost

Here is a price list in Laos for reference (by 2015):A bottle of water (500ml): US$ 0.63 A local beer at a bar/restaurants: US$ 1.25 A glass of coca cola in a restaurant: US$ 1 Street food: US$3 Western decent meal at local restaurant: US$15 Laos more prefer its own currency Kip. ATMs in Laos dispense Kip. You may also contact your bank for detail instructions of da...

2nd of August
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Travel Laos Transportation

TransportationRoad The road conditions are variable in Laos. From Vientiane to Luang Prabang and up to Pakmong, road are good paved road to do cycling or motor cycling. Roads between Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang are more mountainous. Having a Laos in-depth travel will lead you to more developing area of Laos, in where road condition are poor.  There is no lane marking on Laos’ roads. Even the...

2nd of August
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