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Travel Phonsavan, and the Plain of Jars


It’s hard to know whether to categorize the Plain of Jars as a typical tourist destination, or as an off-the-beaten-track type of experience. While you’re likely to read about it in every guidebook, or on every website, about Laos, its slightly remote location means that there aren’t exactly hordes of tourists pouring there each year. That’s a mistake, pure and simple. The Plain of Jars is one of...

7th of December
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A Travel Guide To The 4,000 Islands, Laos

The 4,000 Islands are a place where you’ll forget the word ‘stress’ ever existed. Si Phan Don – to give the area its proper Lao name – is located right in southernmost Laos. It’s so close to the Cambodian border that you can see the neighboring country from certain places, and Thailand is only 70 kilometers or so to the west. This location makes it the perfect place to finish off your travels in L...

5th of December
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Northern Laos – Muang Ngoi Neua

Laos receives far fewer visitors each year than its immediate neighbors Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. By going there in the first place, it’s clear that you like traveling somewhere a little different. Continue in this vein by not simply visiting the main destinations of Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng and Vientiane. Take the time to head into the north of the country, and you’ll find a wide variety o...

28th of November
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Northern Laos - Nong Khiaw Travel Guide

It’s unlikely you’ll ever get ‘tired’ of Luang Prabang – it’s such a wonderful place – but you’re a traveler by nature, and eventually you’ll want to move on. While you’re near the north of the country, and before you move down towards Vang Vieng or Vientiane, we suggest heading further northwards. The first step on your journey should be Nong Khiaw. It’s a small town about 140km north of Luang Pr...

28th of November
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