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The most relaxed capital of Southeast Asia

Vientiane Statue

One of the most thrilling things about Southeast Asia is just how much diversity there is: in the nature, the people, the cultures, and so on. There is one trait that most Southeast Asian countries share, however: their major cities and capitals are very, very busy places. Vientiane provides a refreshing contrast to this tendency. It’s far removed from the hectic hustle and bustle of Vietnam’s bus...

25th of July
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A Tourist-oriented Town In Laos


Over the years, the town of VangVieng in Laos has developed a certain… reputation. It’s now seen by travelers around the world as a top destination on the classic backpacker route of Southeast Asia, primarily because of its party culture. The chief attraction, in this case, is ‘tubing’. A group of people sit in rubber tubes, which are tied to a boat and pulled along the Nam Song River, stopping fr...

24th of July
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Savannakhet – Laos’ Most Underrated Destination

For its location, its culture, its history and its architecture, Savannakhet is one of the most fascinating places in all of Laos. For our money, it’s also one of the most underrated by tourists, despite being the second biggest city in the country.  Most visitors to the country tend to do the northern loop of LuangPrabang, Vientiane and VangVieng. More adventurous folk make it down to the Pl...

21st of July
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Champasak – Laos’ Answer to Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, and rightly so; it’s an amazing place. It’s simply unfair, however, that the ruined city of Angkor should get so much attention, while Champasak should get so little. Champasak is located along the Mekong River right in southernmost Laos, near to popular transport hub Pakse, and not far from the gorgeous 4,000 Islands. It’s a...

20th of July
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