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Hong Kong Tour Private Guide

Meet your guide at the hotel then head to the busy Kowloon evening. Your first destination is an open-air fruit and produce market where your guide points out the raw ingredients that are commonly used in local cuisine. Next, dive into the city’s no-nonsense culinary scene as your guide takes you to favorite spots in this working-class area. Eat and drink as the locals do: in modest family-run eat...

20th of February
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Things You Need to Know When Visiting The Great Wall in Beijing


Most of the sections people see around Beijing are twentieth-century restorations of an original that is about 500 years old dating back to Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). Below is the map of most visited sections of the Great Wall. The sections of the Great Wall around Beijing can be divided into three categories - "Formal", "Informal" and "Wild" in terms...

28th of November
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Travel China, Top 12 Must Try Foods in Lijiang, Yunnan Province


Pristine landscapes, awe-inspiring scenery and well-preserved traditions make Yunnan the mecca for travelers looking for a soul-wakening destination. Lijiang is undoubtedly the gem on the crown of travelling Yunnan.  When you travel Lijiang, you will be able to seize the chance to try out the local delicacies. Reflecting its advantageous geographical position, a mild climate all yea...

31st of October
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Travel South Xinjiang, the Most Untouched Area of China


Xinjiang officially known as “Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region”, is the largest administrative unit within the People’s Republic of China. Xinjiang is comprised of “three mountains and two basins”,  from north to south, they are Altai Mountains, Dzungarian Basin, Tianshan Mountains, Tarim Basin and Kunlun Mountains. Tianshan Mountains form a natural line that divides Xinjiang...

30th of October
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