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Private Day Tours in Oman

The hand-loomed carpets reside in Muscat’s Grand Mosque like a wise man who’s seen more than he’s telling. They’re enormous and intricately detailed, some of the most beautiful artisanal work ever created. The landscape on Oman tours ranges from ragged cliffs to scorching desert, and the architecture is equally varied. Ancient forts, markets, mosques, and palaces dot the sparse landscape marking a visual journey beginning centuries ago. Oman tours from Bravo Asia tours will remind you of an alien landscape; the views are straight from Martian plains. Checking items off a bucket list is nowhere easier than Oman, and the travel is relatively easy for the region, with a robust infrastructure and reasonable prices. Modern amenities aside, it’s not difficult to picture yourself in an earlier time, hopping from village to village and observing the ancient structures, crafted from the local geographical materials that seem to have grown out of their surroundings. Asia tours through Oman with Bravo Asia are a feast of simplicity and natural integration.

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