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Private Day Tours in Indonesia

Indonesia is the 4th most populated country in the world, and the 15th biggest in terms of land mass. Don’t let the scale of the place daunt you, though. Indonesia is one of the most varied and exciting places you could hope to visit on an Asian tour. Jakarta, located on the island of Java, is Southeast Asia’s biggest city. It’s a huge, bustling metropolis, home to a blend of Asian influences and some of the region’s most delicious food. Bali – perhaps the most popular location on an Indonesia tour – is very different. It’s a chilled-out paradise, with surfing, beaches and rugged mountains for hiking all on offer. Elsewhere you’ll find historical delights in Malang, colonial architecture in Bandung, natural wonders on the island of Flores, and sandy beaches on Lombok; the perfect place to soak up Indonesia’s sunny weather. As you might expect from a country of this size, there really is something for everyone. Of all the places in which Bravo Asia Tours operate, Indonesia might be the most varied.

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