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China, Mongolia, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, East Asia or Northeast Asia East stands as a vital part of the world today and as one of the great civilizations of human history.


China is the most populous country, and the oldest continuous national culture, a country with 5000 year history with countless visit-worthy natural and cultural sites. Mongolia is a landlocked country bordered by China and Russia; provides plenty to visit and experience in desert, mountains, steppe and lake.


South Korea occupies the south part of the Korean Peninsula,it is now a dynamic economy entity combined with Korean survived intact traditions and customs. Japan, an island country composed of four major islands: Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu, offers world renowned food, art, architecture and culture. Taiwan, the green island on the South China Sea, offers natural beauty, majestic scenery and mixed delicious food. 


Need a holiday getaway to East Asia for 1 week or up to 8 weeks? We can tailor make your itinerary at your personal interests and pace. Our East Asia expert team is a group of people travel a lot in between countries of East Asia. They know exactly where to visit in your travel date and pick the best only for your visiting list. You can save up to 20% on travel cost and 40% on trip planning time while improve 60% on travel quality by choosing Bravo Asia Tours.

Why choose a private tour and what make Bravo Asia Tours different from other travel companies?
Bravo Asia Tours' Private Tours Fixed Departure Group Tours
Travel Consultant

Your travel consultant is real local expert who travels East Asia and countries around Asia a lot and knows this area well.

We are not just making itinerary and quotation. We are happy to answer all your questions with first-hand information.

Salespersons or travel agents; They sell all-inclusive tour packages as products with fixed price. They are skilled at selling tour packages and able to answer your questions about destinations involved.


Itineraries are highly customized to address your likes and dislikes.

Activities are arranged according to your physical conditions.

Fixed departure date and fixed itinerary.

Tour guide/Driver Private tour guide/driver one tour guide for a travel group
Transfer Private car/van/coach Shared bus/coach

Hand pick based on personal favorites


Flexible with a la carte, set menu or on your own;

Personalized with cares of your diet habits or allergic foods.

Set menu only for travel group

First-hand price but still higher than group tours, suitable for free independent travellers who prefer to travel at own pace; or travel organizer for companies/organizations/ business travellers.

Low, suitable for people who are eager to see the most popular sites at low price

Travel companion

Family or friends


Who is Bravo Asia Tours? Is this company trustworthy?

"Travel for Happiness"

In the past three decades, Bravo Asia Tours run business with good reputation in travel industry for English and German speaking tourists. We started our business as a small China tour operator for German-speaking people only. By now, we still are not a giant tour company even after expanding our destinations all over the Asia and set offices in each of them. What we pursue is not being a big one, but an outstanding one. What we concern most is not how big our business is, but how long we can maintain the relationship with our valuable clients and how far we can exceed our clients’ expectation.

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Japan has been a dream place for me to go. Now that I have been here, I have realized how you have contributed much for my endeavor to enrich my experience at an unbelievable price. I personally thank Esther who has patiently accommodated our needs. Have a blessed day and may it be fruitful for all your days.                                                         ---- Riyas from Dubai, UAE

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How Bravo Asia Tours work?

At any time you send us a travel inquiry, your travel consultant will contact you within 24 hours to offer you a travel proposal with itinerary/price. You can tell us if you are satisfied with this, we will work together to make this arrangement perfect for your vacation.

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