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Mongolia tours take you into the heart of a country so vast, remote, and stunning you may end up thinking you’re the only person for miles. And you may be right. The traditionally nomadic people generally stay in small villages surrounded by some of the most diverse landscapes and scenery in the world. Mountainous expanses give way to rocky deserts; forests dissolve into lakes and streams. It’s no wonder the people here have tended towards a nomadic lifestyle. In Mongolia, you can stay in a traditional yurt, cooking strange meat over an open fire. Allow yourself to be embraced by natural surroundings as the people here have done for centuries. View the diverse wildlife on horseback, or observe the revered falcons in action. Not quite Russia, but separate from China, Mongolia is a wholly independent area, with intensely unique customs, foods, and traditions. Our Mongolia tours will provide a unique vantage point for this unique country.

Tours in our catalogue are ready to be booked or tailored to fit your personal interests and needs. Use our search tool to find the most matched itinerary, or contact your travel consultant directly for a totally personalized tour. You may visit one country a time or pack several Asian countries in one tour. With our expertise and experience, all you need to do is sitting back and relax on this Asia tour.

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