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Laos is one of South East Asia’s best destinations worth visiting. Land locked by its neighbors – Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, Laos is the only Southeast Asian country without coastline. This doesn’t affect it to be a charming travel destination. The mighty Mekong, the rolling mountains, the green Bolaven plateau, remote villages, peaceful people and monks, all make up the unforgettable Laos journey. This journey can start from the Thai border on the Luang Say Cruise, covering 300 miles of the mighty Mekong in serene comfort; reach the heritage listed laid-back Luang Prabang. Have some physical fun in activity-friendly Vang Vieng and enjoy a tour to the world’s sleepiest capital city - Vientiane. Explore the mysterious mountain, forest and the splitted Mekong river in Southern Laos. Yes, Laos is small yet worth visiting. As a land-lock country in Indochina, Laos are often visited together with Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia or Myanmar.

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