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We did 16 day Vietnam Highlights tour with Andy on Sunday, October 4, 2015. Our tour was phenomenal. Our guide in Saigon, Hai, was professional but had a great sense of humor and made the day fun and enjoyable. He speaks perfect English and is able to form a great connection with his guests. The pace of the tour was perfect - fast enough to keep the day moving but we alternated with some stops and slower activities so we didn't burn out. We saw all of the top sights and bypassed every line. We walked into the sights feeling like VIPs and knowing exactly what to do and where to go. This was the best tour I've done throughout all of my travels in Europe and Asia. We were sad when the tour was over and throughout the rest of the week in Bangkok we kept saying, "We wish Hai were here right now!" I 100% recommend Bravo Asia Tours and was completely impressed with the tour. I look forward to returning to Asia and doing more tours with BAT. Emma A.

By: Emma A.

I was originally planning on going to Cambodia and Thailand by myself so was looking for some structure to my visit and found this company during my research. Our travel ended up being a duo and we were able to customize all our time in both countries. Three things stand out--the selection of hotels was extremely satisfactory. The second was the knowledge, friendliness and communication skills of the two guides we spent time with. The third, was the attention to details. Andy called in advance to let us know times of pickups and anything else we needed to know for the 'next step'. Finally, we felt the value for what we received was fantastic. Todd

By: Todd

My wife and I just came back from an 8 days trip to Cambodia. Bravo Asia Tours arranged everything so nicely that we enjoyed every minute of our staying there. We have already planed to visit Indochina again in next spring. Great thanks to our contact Andy and all guides to help us having a wonderful time! Ethan Meister

By: Ethan Meister

BAT was great! Our travel consultant Andy was very friendly, easy to understand and informative. We had a really wonderful time and learned a ton. Lunch on our excursion was the best meal of our trip! Turkey was a beautiful country and we look forward to returning one day. Andy made planning our excursion easy. Thanks again! Clarence T.

By: Clarence T.