Service of Bravo Asia Tours

Travel Consultants

All our travel consultants are frequent travelers of Asia. They are real people well-trained at travel resources of Asia and feel passion about tourism. Travel consultants are friendly and careful. They are the one who tailor your tour itinerary basing on your requirements and make your trip between and around Asian countries well connected before your departure. They are also the one who ring the phone to check if you are happy during the trip.

Tour Operators

Tour operators work carefully to make your booking come true. Everything should be well arranged before your departure.

Tour Guides

All tour guides we use are friendly and knowledgeable locate people with good language capability. Our tour guide will escort you during the tour and ready to help any time you need.


All drivers we use are with at least 3 years of driving experience. Smoking and talking are strictly forbidden during driving. Any time, the vehicle should be clean and no smell.


From boutique 3-star hotel to super deluxe 5-star hotel/resort, we pick only the best value ones for your whole trip. From stardard room to the most luxury suite, are all available for you to choose.


Well maintained vehicle with age of 2-6years. We have cars, vans, buses and limousines available. In some developing area, to better experience the lifestyle of local people, or for sightseeing, we might also use tuk-tuk, trishaw.


Each destination has its own locate cuisine, so we carefully pick the classic and clean local restaurants for you to experience local food. Meanwhile, we will also arrange western food in the trip to comfort your western stomach. Or let your local tour guide take you to some local decent restaurant then you can order what you like to eat.


In most Asian countries, business insurance companies provide few travel insurance products and limited protection. So we highly recommend our clients to buy travel insurance in your own country prior to your travel. We will happy to help on the settlement of claim if there is damage or loss occurred.